Playoffs - injuries and COVID - roster help

In the semi’s with l. Jackson Klece, Ecker and Godwin done s you can see my team is in dire straits, I need four starters

Michel - rb
Gibson - rb
Barkley - rb
J. Jackson - rb
Chase - wr
A. Brown - wr


I’d go with Jackson vs Houston, Brown without Evans and Godwin, Chase against Ravens who he torched in their first matchup, and Michel who has a better matchup over the untrustworthy Gibson and Barkley.

Jackson’s best game this year was 10 points, no thank you. Barkley got 7 points against the Eagles in November, so nothing special there.

The last four are your best choices.

I would go Gibson for the volume and QB back. AB definitely. Chase has been quiet but I would start him. I think I would put my chips on Jackson. I think at the goal line they might look to him but Michel is tempting. Giants are a dumpster fire