Week 5 Decimated By Injuries

QB - Zach Wilson
RB - J. Taylor (O), J. Williams (IR), D. Swift (Q), D. Pierce, I. Pacheco, B. Robinson (O)
WR - D. Metcalf, R. Batemon (Q), R. Woods, H. Renfrow (Q), A. Lazard (Q)
TE - G. Everett, D. Njoku

Full PPR, 14 Team
Start a QB, RB(2), WR(2), TE

Who would you start?

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Do not like Wilson, Pierce, Metcalf and TE is a toss up.

In the other thread, we discussed Brian Robinson, and I said I wouldn’t start him except for injuries or bye weeks. You just presented the one case where I would start him, along with Dameon Pierce.

Obviously, Taylor and Williams are missing this week, and Swift looks unlikely to play. I’m not sold on Pacheco yet (not sure he’ll get enough touches to be relevant).

At WR, start Metcalf and Renfrow. Renfrow is practicing and looks like he’ll play Monday night. You could also gamble on Lazard, but the Giants have been tough on WR’s so far this season. The Chiefs are a much kinder opponent for WR’s, making Renfrow the better start.

At TE, I have to go with Everett. He’s been more consistent.

Obviously Zach Wilson is your QB. I like his potential. That offense is a Ferrari, and he has the keys.