Players on IR to stash in IR slot

I’m in a 12-team PPR league with an IR slot. My IR is empty right now and I’m looking to put someone in it as a stash. Anyone have any suggestions? Michael Thomas got drafted, as expected, so he’s not an option. I feel kinda light on RB so a potential breakout RB would be good but I’m not above taking another WR like Rashod Bateman.

Those ideas typically don’t work out very well, but outside of Thomas, about the highest-value IR player expected to return is probly T.Y. Hilton.

Yeah, tracking they don’t work out usually but it’s a free spot so I figure I might as well use it. There are other guys in the league that have what appear to be crappy benches after the draft and I’m not above playing a little keep away, especially if I get at least 3 weeks to see how my other picks shake out.

You didn’t say if this was a keeper league, so I am assuming redraft. Even so, Bateman is not a bad pick. But who are the best available breakout RB candidates in your league?