Pickup Tony Jones Jr

Do you think he’s worth the pickup over any of the Texans rb’s in ppr?

Well, Mark Ingram is the Texans’ starter, so I’d definitely roster him before a backup like Jones, but Jones should slot in around that RB40 position where Murray was being drafted.

Ok. Thanks. But I don’t think Ingram will maintain that starter role but I’m wondering all together if I should stay away from all Texans rbs

I have the same dilemma. I have Kamara and Murray…should I pick up Tony Jones and drop Amari St Brown or Michael Carter?

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Why not? He’s the only 3-time Pro Bowl RB on their roster, and David Johnson couldn’t beat him out in preseason. Lindsay isn’t really a threat to be the lead RB, but will be the pass-catching RB whoever the “starter” is.

So who do you think they have that can supplant Ingram?


If you didn’t do it two or three weeks ago, why would you do it now?

By the way, it’s Amon-Ra St. Brown, and he’s probly a top 20 WR this year. You sure you want to drop him for a backup RB?

lol again…

I think Lindsay will become the starter eventually and have Ingram come in sporadically. Ingram was barely used in Baltimore. There’s a possibility that Johnson barely see the field. In my opinion.

Amon-Ra St. Brown I have him in every draft I could. Tyrell is broken and Goff never really liked his tight ends.

Both Brown will be top 20 and Carter will be the Starter before the season ends. TJ is just a Key handcuff to Kamara.

Well, unfortunately your wishes don’t have a lot to do with NFL coaching. Nobody thinks Lindsay is a “lead” RB; he’s a pass-catching, change-of-pace back who will play that role regardless of whether Ingram or Johnson “starts,” but the 3-time Pro Bowler definitely has the leg up for now.

Lindsey had a couple 1000 yard seasons at Denver, is the youngest of the three, and the one with the best legs. He can catch, too. DJ is nowhere near what he was in Arizona and Ingram was only good in the New Orleans. Plus, he was injured most of last year. Watch out for Lindsey, man.

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He should provide consistent (though low-end) PPR production, as I said, regardless of whether Ingram or Johnson is “starting,” (But it’s Ingram.)

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Would anyone drop Boston Scott for Tony Jones in ultra competitive PPR where all the RBs are gone - including most backups?

Absolutely yes, and again I say yes, just because it won’t let me post without 20 characters.

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I’d only pickup Tony Jones as a handcuff to Kamara, or if you are in an especially deep league with a bench spot to burn.

I wouldn’t touch anyone on the Texans, except maybe Deshaun Watson in a dynasty format. He will be back at some point, so he is worth a long-term bench stash, even if it takes a year.

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In my 12-team .5 pt PPR league my RB’s are Ekeler, N. Harris, D. Henderson, Pollard and Phillip Lindsey, Should I pick up as a FA Tony Jones, Jr. over Lindsay? Ty Johnson over Lindsay? Thanks.

No, Lindsay should get pass-catching and change-of-pace work regardless of whether Ingram or Johnson is the “starter,” so I’d keep a sure thing over speculation, especially since we’re talking about your RB4 here, not some end of the bench stash.

I might drop Pollard for Jones–HE’S your end of the bench stash.

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