Start Sit Week 4 - Hubbard, Sanders, Hunt for RB2 slot

Trying to pick one of these to start as my RB2. Chuba Hubbard has most projected points but worse matchup. Miles Sanders didn’t do great against Dallas but seems to have a good matchup this week, Kareem Hunt has just been doing great and I always regret not starting him. They are ranked 17,18,19 so difficult choice. Sit/Start grades have Miles Sanders as top choice, then Kareem Hunt, fade on Hubbard.

Dallas Def looks good and I would be concerned about Chubb going off rather than Hunt. I would go with Sanders. KC’s def has been aweful and he may just do very well in the passing game.

Hunt, Hubbard, Sanders

I like Chubba versus Dallas. Even if they stop Chubba on the ground,. he can make it up thru the air. If you recall the game against Atlanta, their offense looked good in the running game. Not sold on Dallas’s DEF.