Pick 1 Keeper QB

10 team half PPR keeper league. We can keep up to 3 from previous season (which for us was 2019 - took last year off), giving up the next earlier round… I’m planning on keeping T Hill (for 11th round) and D Henry (for 12th round). Trying to decide between J Allen (for 5th round) and L Jackson (for 13th round). Will Jackson bounce back? Or should I go with Allen at the higher round cost?

You don’t have any other good players you could keep instead of a QB? I guess if you have to, you would keep Jackson (you could probly draft Allen in the 4th-5th of a 10-teamer anyway), but man, surely you have a skill player you could keep…?

How risk averse are you? While both of these QB’s run a lot, Jackson runs more (159 times last year, versus 102 for Allen). Both of them face an injury risk, but Jackson’s is bigger.

Jackson was the best QB 2 years ago, while Allen was the best last year. It’s a coin toss between them who could be better this year. If Jackson can get the passing game going, he could easily surpass Allen. But Allen could just keep doing what he’s doing and top Jackson.

In summary, Allen is the safe play, Jackson is the risky play with higher upside. Neither is wrong.