3 Keeper PPR Superflex League 2nd pick

I have been advised not to take Josh Allen with my 1st pick but other than Allen the top 6 QB’s have already been kept. My other choices would be D Hopkins, J Taylor, or Najee Harris. My keepers are Kittle, CEH, and Lockett. I am leaning toward Allen (the person with pick 1 already has Majomes so maybe he won’t take Allen) or Najee Harris. Thoughts

Harris is by far and away the pick here.

Harris for sure…you can get plenty of QB’s in rounds 7 and up and use your first 7 for RB’s and WR’s. K Cousins is avging 11th round and up and is way undervalued this year.

In any keeper league, I’d grab Harris if I get the chance.

Why Harris over J Taylor?

Why Harris over J Taylor

Okay, I’ll wait on the QB but why Harris and not J Taylor?

Taylor has more of a chance being in a RBBC then Harris since Benny Snell is the back up, not knocking Taylor as being bad since he will get you points. I just see that Tomlin has always been big on running the ball and indy has been known as a RBBC over the years. Indy is gonna be forced to run most the time and defenses will be expecting that. I can See [ Nyheim Hines eating into his production. Having a banged up wentz does not help either. Look how all the RB’s have panned out behind Big been through the years. They all get involved in RPO’s and Pitt has the WR’s to take pressure off the run game.

Because an RB1 is always preferable to an RB2.

Harris is an almost-Derrick Henry with receiving skills. Taylor can’t touch that.

That is a VERY good description.

A tip o’ the cap to you sir!

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