Pacheco or Zonovan Knight

Which RB would you choose today? Pacheco or Zonovan Knight?

Pacheco is the easy choice here.

I’m just worried that Denver run defense is very good and that McKinnon is getting more 3rd down/passes and even goal line touches. The Jets are trending using Knight more and he does both. What is your reasoning that it is an easy choice?

I expect Carter to get half the carries and see Pacheco as the better choice with KC jumping to a lead and running in the second half.

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Zonovan looked better in the 2 games he played than Carter did all season. He’s a risky start, as we don’t know what offense the Jets will deploy. But he offers more upside.

May be true but Carter played well vs Buff a few weeks ago and is not going away.

The Jets backfield firmly belongs to Zonovan Knight.