One last flex for finals week

Last week and one position looks dicey to me . Who should I start here .

PPR . Choose one

Patterson vs Arizona
D Slayton vs IND
I Hodgins vs IND
G Dortch at Atlanta

In another Finals league

Slayton or Hodgins or Dortch

Thanks and good luck guys

Those are indeed not pretty options.

Patterson lost all steam in recent weeks. This could be a good matchup for him, but he simply isn’t a reliable asset these days.

Slayton and Hodgins are dart throws. You know that, whomever you start, the other one will go off.

Dortch is not an option at all.

If I absolutely have to make a recommendation here:
Patterson in league 1.
Hodgins in league 2.

But those are all dart throws. Are you sure you don’t have a better option on the waiver wire?

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Man no these are best options , D Henry not playing did not help and also pollard , so have to dig deep

Thanks for ur help will do that