Need to pick 2 keepers

12 team PPR. Super flex. I’m picking 12th

Lamar Jackson in the 5th
Gibson in the 6th
James Robinson in the 8th
Dobbins in the 3rd
DK Metcalf in the 17th

I think DK is a lock. Leaning toward Gibson

In a SuperFlex, I think I’d keep Jackson over Gibson. I’m not sold on Gibson anyway, so the 6th may be more like fair market value than anything.

And of course Metcalf.

Definitely Gibson and DK

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I’m gonna have to agree with AxeElf. As much as I like Gibson, this is a superflex, and a QB like Jackson is gold there. And of course Metcalf is a no-brainer at the price.

Shoot ya. I see your point.

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Good call on that AxeElf