Struggling with 2RB and SFLX. Henry, JRob, KHerbert, CPatterson, Mariota.?

I have a half PPR league.
2 RB and a Super Flex.
My RB Core is currently: Derrick Henry, James Robinson, Khalil herbert, Coradelle Patterson,
My QB2 is currently Mariota.

For RB: Henry / Herbert or Henry / JRob depending on Montgomery status. .
Then what to do with that SFLX? Do I plug in the odd man out of the Montgomery status Herbert or JRob? Do I plug in Patterson? Or Do I go with probably a safe 15 points or so with Mariota?

Always Superflex a QB if you can, and Mariota is like a top 12 QB, so yeah, him for SFlex.

With Montgomery ruled out, Herbert and Henry are probably your huckleberries.