Olave or Rondale Moore for rest of the season

Who’s got the most upside between the two?. I’m liking moore’s usage since he’s been back and with Brown getting hurt and Hopkins back this week he will continue to get targets even with Anderson coming over.
Olave is dynamic but that offense, at least with Dalton and Winston is kinda suspect. Maybe even more than Arizona’s offense.

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Rondale’s situation is far from being clear, with DeAndre Hopkins returning this week, and the recent acquisition of Robbie Anderson. Plus, it looks like Hollywood may not be out for as long as it was initially feared.

Olave has shown that he works with both Winston and Dalton, and regardless of whether or not Michael Thomas plays. I would prefer him here.


Olave has the slight edge for the full season, but Moore is going to have himself a great six weeks or so until Hollywood returns.

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At this point, I can’t say Arizona is so much better than New Orleans. Here are the passing stats for both teams:

Saints: 1481 yards passing, 7.3 yards/attempt, 8 td’s, 6 int’s, 15 sacks
Cardinals: 1475 yards passing, 5.8 yards/attempt, 6 td’s, 4 int’s, 14 sacks

If anything, the Saints look a nudge better to me.

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