Flex: Lazard, Penny, or Olave

Who do you like for week one in the flex? I’m really high on Lazard and Penny (especially if Walker is out).

If it’s PPR, definitely Lazard, and probably even if it’s standard. We can’t expect much out of Seattle with Geno Smith at QB, and Olave might not see the field, so you have to go with Aaron Rodgers’ #1 target.

Checking the Saints depth chart, Olave is at WR3. so if the Saints fail to use a 3-WR formation, you may be right. I wouldn’t bet on that though.

Yea I failed to mention that. It’s a half point. Thanks for the reply.

While you were playing detective, did you happen to look at the Packers’ depth chart to see where Lazard is listed?

I’ll wait…

I didn’t argue with you about Lazard.

So it’s looking like Lazard is out. It also looks like Michael Thomas is questionable, so that’s making me look more at Olave. But Penny is going to be getting plenty of touches. I think I’m going with Penny. Anyone disagree?