New news on swift

Well was starting still Jamal williams but what does this news mean about swift .
Jamal has no receptions past three weeks so still in half PPR league he is better play than swift

So after this still start jamal william in a must win game this week and already behind in game

The coach just made these comments about

I thought he did some good things for us,” Campbell explained. “I thought he brought us a little bit of life, and I feel like every week he’s starting to feel better and getting himself back into where he wants to be and where we want him to be. So, I anticipate him getting a little bit more this week.”

Lions head coach Dan Campbell is continuing to monitor the young running back’s workload, and said he could be in store for a bigger role when Detroit takes on Jacksonville Sunday at Ford Field.

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I have him and need to see a game where he gets more usage. Now if that means more rushing attempts or more targets in the passing game. Right now he’s looking like a great player for a flex play going into the playoffs but I just need to see a bit more from him. If he blows up this week with no set backs then I think we’re in business.

So u would sit him this week
Hmm then do I start him or Jamal this week
I don’t have the Luxary of waiting till playoffs as I’m still fighting for a spot. I know I’f I reach I will win it all
So just need two good weeks
Question is who will give me from these two

I’m with August in having him and no longer interested in reports. Play for a game and we will see.

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Honestly I’d go with Jamal but it’s a crap shoot and game script is going play a huge role. Last week in the last drive Jamal was no where in sight and Swift could have taken any off those targets for a large gain or maybe even a TD. But I’d hate to see you bench him and he has a great game and you loose a shot at getting into the playoffs. I guess the best advice is that more than one person has said to play Jamal this week. Good luck!

With Etienne potentially hurting I have no choice but to play him. Benching I should have done before but was stubborn.

I’m in the same boat as you. I picked up Hasty just in case but if Etienne is out it will be either swift or hasty. I have Pacheco but the news from 49er land doesn’t look promising that Deebo will play so stuff is going to get real interesting Sunday morning

I have a bid in for Pacheco. It would be funny if with Swift and Etienne I counted on Kyren and Pacheco in a must win game.

Sometimes, you need to see what is on the field.

The only time I pay attention to coach talk is in training camp. When they start really talking up a player in training camp, that means tons (although you still need to watch how they phrase it).

During the season, coaches are playing psyche games with opposing coaches and players, and they will talk up a guy they have no intention of using, just to force opposing teams to waste time reviewing meaningless tape.

Sometimes, you just have to wait and see. I’d still start Williams this week.

Swifts situation really has not changed. He is currently in on 33%ish of the plays instead of 66%ish. He is at best a flex. Williams is a RB2.

At some point this pendulum will flip. That might be next year.

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