Commissioner making false plays?


Just needed a quick advice if i am wrong or right…

so our league has 12 guys we have a group chat, and at week 9 the commissioner decided to change someones line up and didn’t announce it when i asked him him he said he called him and did it because his yahoo app wasn’t working, but never told any one about it i was #1 in the league and was playing me, later on week 12 he changed the scoring method and when we caught him he said it was a joke and was (the really bad word)ing with me.

never a sorry nothing from that dude and today he said even if changed the lineup for me at week 9 i would still loose is this like even allowed by league commissioner and if not how should they be punished?

he did change the line up before the game but didnt tell anyone.

Pleas also see attached SS


Your league has an unreliable commissioner. Red-flag him, leave the league and never look back. I’m afraid this is the best advice I can give you.

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He thinks what he did was right i know him real life lol

The only time I ever changed things in mid-season as a commissioner was when I saw people trying to game the system, usually trades or waiver releases intended to benefit friends in the league. But the stuff you describe is a bit more nefarious. I’d walk away from that league.