New Keeper League - 1st pick off the board - who should it be?

Half PPR
TD =6 points

My thoughts are either JT or JJ. any argument to lean one way or another (assuming JT due to RB1 scarcity) or is there another 1st pick im missing?


I would lean JT in a 1/2 PPR, maybe JJ in a full PPR. And since it’s a Keeper you want to lean youth, so I wouldn’t really consider CMC, Cook, Henry, etc. with the 1.01

Choosing anyone other than the RB who was on pace to outscore every other RB by more than 86 points when he got hurt mid-season last year doesn’t deserve to win anyway.

Being a keeper league I think going for a younger RB or WR with similar upside is more prudent.

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he got hurt


Yes he did. I didn’t realize that anyone who had ever been injured was on your Do Not Draft list.

Good luck fielding a team full of players who have never been injured. At least with Henry, it was only once, and only a freak broken bone, not anything that would be of ongoing concern. But hey, a rule’s a rule!

I didn’t realize

Realize? You don’t need to realize anything! You “know” EVERYTHING!!!

Good luck

Thanks buddy!