Need trade advice

Full PPR
Trade away:Mike Williams, Latavius Murray
Receive: Gronk, trey sermon and davonte Parker

I have Corey Davis and jerry jeudy(when he returns) on my bench

You haven’t mentioned dynasty, so I’ll assume it isn’t.

Just on the surface, it looks like a good deal. I also can’t tell if you need a TE or not.

Both Murray and Sermon are in RBBC’s, so the only issue is “why isn’t Sermon getting more playing time already?” Nobody has an answer for that, with the only answer being Eli Mitchell flat out beat him out in training camp and preseason. Something is definitely wrong with Sermon, and only Kyle Shanahan has a clue.

As for Murray, he really hasn’t looked all that good so far, so he and Sermon are kind of a wash.

Williams and Parker have their ups and downs, but neither is really a game winner/loser. Also a wash.

Gronk is the tipping point here. He’s a decent TE. Take the trade, get the Gronk.

Sorry I forgot to mention a couple things like you said. It’s a keeper league 3 person but I have Taylor lamb Aaron Jones and aj brown anyways so prob wouldn’t keep trey unless he goes nuts.
My TE right now is Jonnu Smith

With Gronk, you can stream both your TE’s for the best matchup. Take the trade.