Need Emergent Keeper Rule Change Advice

Hey all,

My fantasy football league just converted from redraft to keeper this year. Format is as follows:

12 team. Keep up to 2 players. Player keep cost is equal to what round they were drafted +1 (a second round drafted player would cost a first round pick to keep this year). Linear draft with position already established from last year’s standings. Current and future draft pick trading permitted. Entire roster from previous year is open to trade until the keeper selection deadline.

The problem: the league voted to allow ANY player to be kept - they DID NOT want to prohibit keeping players selected in the first or second round like many leagues do. Therefore, some players are trying to trade their first round pick for a player who carries a first round value AND they already have another player on their roster who has first round value.

So the player will get Kamara (1st) and already have Cook (1st) and will want to keep both. So does that mean they will lose 1st and 2nd (the next best obviously) and gain value on these players? OR should it be considered that because this player traded away his first round pick, that he wouldnt have a 1st round pick to cash in to keep Kamara (or Cook for that matter!) and he couldn’t keep either?!

I seem to be leaning towards the latter solution, because I think it will prevent thoughtless trades, prevent stacking the deck, and it may even force players to drop elite talent back into the pool.

I really don’t know the right answer here because there seems to be a new scenario that I havnt thought through everyday and I was hoping someone has experienced this same issue and worked through it.

Please help me not destroy my long standing league!

My ruling would be that a traded 1rst round pick belongs to the other team. So a player CANNOT keep a player with said 1rst pick they already traded away. In this situation, Cook would have to be released, and be available in the upcoming draft.

On the hypothetical hand, if the player who traded for Kamara happens to have a separate 1rst round pick they acquired from another team, I would rule they can be allowed to use the acquired 1rst round pick in order to keep Cook.

Having said all that, I must admit, I’m not fond of the “keeper equals a specific draft round” rules. As you’ve shown, it can get too complicated.