Need Better Updates

I may lose my playoff game this week since I did not receive any notification or even a potential ‘be careful’ in regards to my kicker, Riley Patterson of the Lions. During the week, no mention was made that the Lions had signed or elevated another kicker that could have given me a heads up to possibly add or replace Patterson. And as it turns out, he was a game day inactive player but I did not receive an alert on my app like I would for any other of my players and for that matter, even as of the next morning after the game, his profile states nothing of even why he was inactive (it still has a write up of his performance of the week before).

I am up less than a point and my opponent has their kicker going tonight so I am praying for a miracle. For a pay service, this kind of non-update which will most likely cost me a playoff win, is inexcusable and I will have to rethink re-upping for the service next year.

If you don’t know what’s happening with your own team you should lose. Just my view.

Really…so I should have a heart to heart with Matt Campbell and all of the other head coaches to get an idea of what he is thinking each week? What am I paying FantasyPros for if I have to scour other sources to see that another kicker was signed and for that matter, provide an update that my starting kicker was inactive?

There does appear to be something wrong with the FantasyPros updates. More than one team in our league has “dropped” players still showing on their roster and the corresponding “added” players are still showing as available.

That may well be the case. However, I have been playing fantasy for many a year Never have I ever seen or heard of any manager who did not know his kicker was being replaced and/or not starting.

That’s just a sad excuse of being a manager.