My Top 10 RBs Dynasty & Keeper

1 Robinson- If he is not the top RB ir will be a disappointing season. :slight_smile:
2 McCaffrey- SF is just too good of a fit to see him any lower.
3 Taylor- Richardson gives him more carries but vs a stacked box to start.
4 Hall- Will be off to start the season but a top RB for 5 years.

5 Barkley- A top talent but a drop from the top 4.
6 Etienne- I expect a true break out year from him.

7 Gibbs- A high rank but can explode with Lions blocking with his receiving.
8 Pollard- Finally gets his chance and will use it.
9 Ekeler- The Elder still got game.
10 Jacobs- Could fall off and still be top 10.

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In a re draft I would drop Hall, Gibbs and Etienne to the bottom 3 spots.

I would be surprised if Pollard ends up in the top 10 after the Cowboys drafted Deuce Vaughn, who can do everything Pollard can do better than Pollard (except maybe in pass protection)–and his dad works for the team.

Good for the Cowboys; bad for fantasy.

Congrats on ranking Bijan #1; a lot of rankers don’t have the courage to do that yet.

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My crystal balls do not always work but My brass ones are spot on. LOL