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South Beach Thunder

  1. (2) Bijan Robinson (Atl - RB)
  2. (23) Jonathan Taylor (Ind - RB)
  3. (26) Chris Olave (NO - WR)
  4. (47) Jordan Addison (Min - WR)
  5. (50) Justin Herbert (LAC - QB)
  6. (71) Dalton Kincaid (Buf - TE)
  7. (74) Diontae Johnson (Pit - WR)
  8. (95) D’Andre Swift (Phi - RB)
  9. (98) Marquise Brown (Ari - WR)
  10. (119) Jared Goff (Det - QB)
  11. (122) Chigoziem Okonkwo (Ten - TE)
  12. (143) Roschon Johnson (Chi - RB)
  13. (146) Jonathan Mingo (Car - WR)
  14. (167) Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF)
  15. (170) Zay Jones (Jax - WR)
  16. (191) Jason Sanders (Mia - K)

South Beach Thunder Strikes Out in Draft, Projected to Finish Last

In a stunning display of draft ineptitude, the South Beach Thunder managed to secure an impressive F grade, leaving fantasy experts scratching their heads. With a projected record of 1-13-0 and a projected finish in dead last, it seems the Thunder will be bringing more thunderstorms than victories to the league. Their projected points of 1641.53 are about as intimidating as a kitten with a feather toy.

The Thunder’s draft order of 2nd should have given them a prime opportunity to build a strong team, but alas, they squandered it. Their 16 rounds of drafting resulted in a roster that is about as inspiring as a wet blanket. While they did manage to make one decent pick with D’Andre Swift at 95, their worst pick of Jordan Addison at 47 is sure to haunt them all season long. With three players on bye week 11, it seems the Thunder will be taking a break just when they need to be making a desperate push for a playoff spot. Looks like the South Beach Thunder will be bringing more thunder than actual success this season.

Yahoo’s opinion on what I had done.

Yeah I have to be honest, that’s a little rough with the JT news.

Bijan, Olave, Herbert nice core. Marquie Brown could be WR 1 in Zona. Diontae rebound maybe?

How many teams?

You can’t tell from the draft order? lol

Yeah, no pooch was safe in that draft…

No, LOL.

What am I missing?


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Nice run down, now you have to be the next manager up. 12 teams, half PPR and 8 keepers fo up to forever.

I drafted a young core first year and was very happy. Even if Taylor is out for a month, he is #4 long term behind CMC and a very shaky Hall. I reached for Addison as a need which will likely work out with volume. Diontae and Hollywood are 5th round value and #1 WRs for their teams.

I like Kincaid from film and reports and why not take any shot at a possible real fantasy TE? I also like Mingo next year.

My draft is a solid core for years to come with a chance to win now.

The other managers are really good and there were no “gimmie’s” in our draft." Each pick was challenging.

I didn’t realize it was a keeper.

A serious 8 keeper. Yahoo went on redraft and we are NOT. You will enjoy.
I refer to the grade.

There is no team in the 12 who has a top projected player after pick #5.

I think I might in Swift and/or Kincaid.

South Beach Thunder

  1. (4) Bijan Robinson (Atl - RB)
  2. (5) Jahmyr Gibbs (Det - RB)
  3. (16) Derrick Henry  (Ten - RB)
  4. (25) Mike Evans  (TB - WR)
  5. (31) Evan Engram (Jax - TE)
  6. (36) Keenan Allen  (LAC - WR)
  7. (45) Mike Williams (LAC - WR)
  8. (46) Justin Herbert  (LAC - QB)
  9. (56) D’Andre Swift  (Phi - RB)
  10. (65) CeeDee Lamb  (Dal - WR)
  11. (76) Travis Etienne Jr.  (Jax - RB)
  12. (85) Cam Akers  (LAR - RB)
  13. (96) A.J. Brown  (Phi - WR)
  14. (105) Denver (Den - DEF)
  15. (116) Tyler Bass (Buf - K)
  16. (156) Jameson Williams  (Det - WR)

This is my “draft” in the 2nd league, 2nd year with 10 keepers and the top two picks.

A+ Grade

Draft Grade

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South Beach Thunder Strikes Fear with Perfect Draft and Projected Dominance

In a stunning display of fantasy prowess, the South Beach Thunder emerged from the draft with an impeccable A+ grade. With a projected record of 14-0-0 and a projected finish in first place, this team is set to conquer the league. Led by their best pick, Bijan Robinson, who was snatched up at the 4th spot despite an ADP of 10, the Thunder have positioned themselves for greatness. However, not every pick was a slam dunk. The team’s worst pick, Evan Engram, was selected at 31, well above their ADP of 77. But hey, even champions make mistakes, right?

The South Beach Thunder didn’t shy away from taking risks, as they boldly drafted three players from the same team: Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Justin Herbert. Will this trio bring the Thunder to new heights or will they be the source of their downfall? Only time will tell. With the 7th toughest schedule in the league, the Thunder will face their fair share of challenges. Additionally, they’ll have to navigate through week 7 with two players on bye. But fear not, South Beach Thunder fans, this team is ready to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents and leave them thunderstruck!

Engram was an auto draft when I missed the clock.

You pretty much cornered the market on the Chargers’ passing game; we’ll see how that works out for you.