Lockett/Saquon Trade

12 team redraft .half ppr
I am considering selling high on Lockett who was drafted as my WR2. I got handed some bad luck losing Akers in an early pre season draft and then Gus Edwards. My RBs are now Miles Sanders and Kenyan Drake.

I want to flip lockett for Saquon or another buy low RB. I am considering asking for Marquise Brown and Saquon for my Miles Sanders and Lockett. Is this a good trade? He also has Woods but that may be too much to ask for. Do you think this improves my roster?

Current roster:
QB L.Jackson
RB Sanders/Drake
WR McLaurin/Lockett
TE Kelce
Flex Chase
Bench: carter/gainwell/tony jones/mattison
Bench: shepard/bateman (IR)/gallup (IR)

New roster:
QB L.Jackson
RB Saquon/Drake
WR McLaurin/M.Brown (or Woods??)
TE Kelce
Flex Chase
Bench: carter/gainwell/tony jones/mattison
Bench: shepard/bateman (IR)/gallup (IR)

Ask for Woods at first, then ask for Brown. Always shoot high, then lower your bid if it’s rejected.

By the way, Chase should be your starting WR, not your flex. Even if you get Brown, I’d probably start Sheppard or Carter in your flex.


Don’t they all score points?

If he wants the option to start Carter, he’ll need an open flex. Can’t start Carter as a WR.

So you think he should bench McLaurin or Lockett for Chase–just so he can flex Carter?

So essentially start Carter over McLaurin or Lockett??

Why din’t anyone else think of that…

Did you read the original post? He’s trying to trade Lockett. And you complain about my reading comprehension…

With good cause, apparently, since he hasn’t traded Lockett yet.

My comment was directed at his post-trade situation. But nice sidestep on your part there to try and salvage your ego.

My ego is assuaged by correcting anyone in error.

You’re welcome.

I wasn’t in error, but thanks for assuaging your ego at my expense.