Who's my Flex tomorrow? full PPR

hey Guys goign back and forth here, DArrell Henderson or Jeudy at FLex tomorrow PPR? both have worries …michel and sutton.


PPR you go WR, all else being equal.

I might wait a week before considering Henderson in the flex. The Rams have a tough one with Chicago. Denver has a cakewalk with the G-men. Start Jeudy comfortably.

Depends - are you ahead of your opponent in the projections?
In that case, I’d go for the safer floor, which is provided by Henderson.

Otherwise, go for the WR.

Not sure who you started but it depends on some factors. I first look at their matchups. Also, since you are deciding between WR or RB, I’d do more research on how many catches & targets each player gets, then look at TDs. Production is another factor to evaluate in RBs, but I like TDs and catches more in PPR.