Mixon/London for Kupp?

10 team 0.5 ppr redraft 3wr/2rb/2flx

Trade away Joe Mixon + Drake London for Cooper Kupp?

QB: L Jackson, K Murray (IR)
RB: J Jacobs, S Barkley, Jav Williams, J Gibbs, J Mixon
WR: J Chase, D Adams, D London, C Sutton, DJ Moore, AJ Brown, C Ridley
TE: D Waller (IR), J Ferguson

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With Chase, Adams, Ridley and AJ Brown, why would you want to add Kupp, especially with Matt Stafford gimpy?

I agree, not seeing any advantage.

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I’d rather the depth of Mixon/London. I don’t think Kupp adds much to your roster. I could use help on my ?

I’d keep your depth at rb

And Kupp just got injured again.