Should I trade for Kupp?

Its safe to say I’m in a really good position (4-2) so I don’t think I NEED to trade, but Kupps owner has made him available since his season is in desperate need of saving. I’m in a 12 man double flex PPR league and imo drafted beautifully. My only 2 losses lost by >2pts.

My team:
Qb- Geno (streaming)
RB- McCaffery and Hall
WRs Pittman and Amon-Ra
Te- Kelce
FLEX- Stevenson and London
D/ST- broncos

There is no doubt coop makes my team better but is the price to pay worth it?

Currently got offered Patterson and Kupp for Breece Hall and Amon-Ra

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Welcome aboard!

Don’t do it! Hall is just coming into his own as a great RB. You have 3 great RB’s on your roster, and RB depth is key. Patterson is both an injury waiting to happen, as well as potentially getting replaced by Tyler Allgeier.

In effect, you are swapping two elite WR’s (admittedly Kupp is currently better) and an elite RB for an RB2 when he’s healthy.

You have a rock solid team that only lost by about 2 points, twice. 4-2 is a great spot to be in.

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I appreciate the comment this was the reassurance I was looking for :pray:t4:

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