Messin' with the Yahoo Auction Bots

When you’re the only real person in a mock auction:


I may have the only fantasy team in the world that can play matchups between Mahomes and Burrow from week to week! And I didn’t even WANT Burrow; it was just that no bot bid on him when I nominated him–and Fields went for $5 on the next nomination!


Spanking bot butt is easy enough, but the real genius of this plan was to pay the big bucks for 2 RBs and not 2 WRs, because I figured the odds were greater for there to be quality WRs still on the board after the bots busted than for there to be quality RBs still on the board. And genius pays off–on the nose!

The only WRs nominated between Amari Cooper going for $15 at the 40th nomination and every bot being busted at the 56th nomination (when Team 4 foolishly spends its last extra dollar to get the SF DST) were DeAndre Hopkins for $1 at the 48th nomination and Deebo Samuel for $4 at the 53rd nomination. Meanwhile, the last of the solid RBs (Akers, Mixon, Conner) were all still drawing down the last of the bot bucks.

By nomination #57, Keenan Allen’s name was at the top of the player list, and Axe Elf was at the top of the nomination order as the only team with any extra dollars. So after that, it was just me nominating my TE targets that I knew no one else would, and sniping the RBs and WRs I wanted for $2 from anyone who nominated them–and finishing with a remaining balance of $0.

I love it when a plan comes together!

So don’t worry kids! As bad as YOU might be at auction drafting, you’re nowhere NEAR as bad as a bot! It looks like I drafted my whole team before the double-digit rounds!

Axe Elf: B-B-B-Bad to the Bots.