Axe Elf's 2023 Campaign

I wish I could do some mock auction drafts, but I don’t really feel like pouring 2-3 hours into a team that disappears as soon as I draft it, so I popped the 2023 cherry on a typical 10-team snake mock (Yahoo Half-PPR).

I chose the #3 slot, hoping I could still get Bijan at #3 and have some shot at still getting a top talent in the 2nd round, like Derrick Henry, but when Bijan went #2 and Henry fell one slot before my 2.08 pick, the team turned out a whole lot different than I had imagined it would going in–but I still kind of like it.

Although Jefferson is carrying the higher ADP, and I could have drafted him at #3, I lean slightly toward Chase this year. Jefferson has a late Week 13 bye this year, and I’d hate to be certain to be deprived of my first-round pick in a critical late-season game. Besides, even though Jefferson has a couple of favorable defensive matchups in Weeks 16 & 17 (Detroit & Green Bay), Jefferson got kind of shut down during the last couple weeks of the season last year (loved Jefferson’s 1 for 15 outing in last year’s Championship Game), and I don’t want THAT happening again, either. Chase, on the other hand, will be at Kansas City for this year’s fantasy championship week, and Chase has historically done well against KC.

After I missed Henry in the 2nd, I considered reaching around the turn for Najee Harris, but I went ahead and scooped Mahomes at that point, and still got Harris around the turn at 3.03.

I played it pretty straight, drafting the full complement of K and DST and backup QB/TE positions, none of which I would have drafted if this were a real league, but at this point I was basically just learning who was still available in the later rounds. I like the Washington D for all the high draft picks on their D-line, but also for the late bye–just hold onto them until some other decent defense has their bye, then swap them out for the rest of the season. (They also get Denver, Arizona and Chicago in the first five weeks.)

QB: Patrick Mahomes (10) 2.08, Daniel Jones (13) 10.08
RB: Najee Harris (6) 3.03, J.K. Dobbins (13) 4.08, Isiah Pacheco (10) 6.08, Khalil Herbert (13) 9.03
WR: Ja’Marr Chase (7) 1.03, Deebo Samuel (9) 5.03, Mike Williams (5) 7.03, Diontae Johnson (6) 8.08, Kadarius Toney (10) 11.03
TE: Cole Kmet (13) 12.08, Dalton Schultz (7) 13.03
K: Younghoe Koo (11) 14.08
DST: Washington Commanders (14) 15.03

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Let me be the first to say: You drafted two good QB’s? Are you feeling ill? I thought you HATED QB’s?

Other than that, after Najee, your RB depth falls off a cliff.

Your WR depth is iffy at best.

Your TE’s and K are good, but the Commanders DST? Your suggestion to swap them out is probably a good one.

Historically, Axe Elf has been one to content himself with cheap fantasy QBs, but when your home town team for the past 60 years now has the best QB anyone has ever seen–in real life AND in fantasy–you buy the ticket and you ride the ride.

If you’re going to fall off a cliff, a good place to land would be on a player still sporting a career average of 5.9 yards per carry despite playing through ACL recovery last year (Dobbins) and a guy who will likely be the primary RB for the team who led the NFL in rushing last season (Herbert)–I have no faith in Foreman. That may change in training camp, but for a RB4 in a mock draft in May, it’s a perfectly legitimate pick.

One could argue that McKinnon (who had more receiving TDs in 2022 than Justin Jefferson) would have been a better choice than Pacheco; but I will probably end up with several shares of both, unless one emerges in preseason. KC may be forced to rely more on their RBs this season (rushing and receiving), unless one of the young WRs steps up. Having one of them on the bench is a prudent investment–especially with Mahomes at QB.

Fair, in that Deebo, Williams and Johnson all finished between WR30 and WR40 last year–and even Chase was only WR12–but I’m expecting regression to the mean at a minimum for all of them, and probably even more than that for a couple of them. Chase, for instance, I would expect to see among the top 3 WRs in 2023, and he has a nice schedule for the fantasy championships.

Deebo will need the 49ers to settle on a QB; hopefully they can find one that can get him the ball. Williams will need to stay healthy. Johnson will need Pickett to continue to progress, but how likely is it for him to be shut out of the end zone for another season?

Toney will also need to stay healthy, but if he can do that, he has the ability to turn any play into a TD, and he could definitely step into a featured WR role for my own hometown QB–so having a Mahomes/Toney/(Pacheco or McKinnon) stack is probably something you are going to see on a lot of Axe Elf teams this season.

Translation: You’re being a homer? I would have expected the The Mighty AxeElf to be above such trivialities, but apparently not…

Let me repeat for the hard of thinking…

Do I really need to pull up your past quotes about drafting QB’s? Even when I drafted Mahomes in our mock draft, you mocked me! Pot, meet kettle!

Not at all. Let me repeat for the hard of thinking:

You drafted him at like 1.09 and called him “the obvious choice.”


"Lil Elfie, Really glad you decided to practice drafting, as all can see you really need it. I have to question why on earth you would take shots at picks in Ed’s mock. I am reminded of “people who live in glass houses.” :slight_smile:

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Follow this thread for the whole year, and by next season, you will be able to answer questions like this yourself!

I learned a long time ago that being confident, even arrogant and cocky can be a good thing IF you can back it up.

You cannot and are sometimes likable and sometimes annoying PITA who wants and does not want to fit in. Until you decide, practice your drafts.

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That’s the problem with axually being the best; sometimes simple self-esteem can take on the illusion of arrogance.

…especially when someone like Elfy doesn’t have the results to back up that self-esteem, thereby making it arrogance.

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