give away mc kinnon and engram…get Andrews

should i do it?

Give away a credible TE and a top 5 RB for another TE?

Sounds a little rich for me…

After the Chiefs’ bye last year…

true…thats why im insecure…but i have Chubb,Stevenson and Mostert in my Roster…so i doubt Mc Kinnon will see much daylight in my lineup

I guess, if you think Chubb, Stevenson and Mostert will all be in the top 5 ahead of McKinnon.

I would jump without a second thought. Engram is not close to Andrews and McK is not close to a top 5 RB.

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And Saints TE Taysom Hill is the #5 TE. You should be asking for advice, not pretending to be able to give it.

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WAS the #5 TE. His role has changed this year. McKinnon’s has not. In fact, the leading Chiefs receiver not named Kelce this year could well be a RB.

You should be surveying the current season’s landscape, rather than relying on last year’s stats so much.

I could not care less about either player. I know better.

Well don’t feel bad–you still serve an important role…

Every league needs 11 losers!