Matt Corral Scouting Report

I was watching some highlights from Matt Corral’s 2021 college season, and I was impressed by what I saw. I know you can’t fall in love with college QB’s, cause it all depends on where they end up in the NFL. But I will at least say this for him: If he fails in the NFL, some coaches need to be fired.

A lot of draft analysts compare him to Zach Wilson, and that is fair. Corral’s running style compares easily to Wilson, although I might give Wilson the slight edge. Corral’s passing style isn’t far removed from Wilson, but Corral’s release is what separates the two.

How much so? I had to pull up highlights of Dan Marino to be sure of what I was seeing. Granted, this is a subjective view, but it looks like Corral is closer to Marino with his quick release.

If Corral is as good as he looks, it all comes down to where he’s drafted. If he ends up in a half decent team for QB’s, you have to give him some serious consideration in dynasty leagues. Even as I consider Breece Hall as the 1.01 pick in dynasty, in superflex Corral MIGHT take it, if he gets a good landing spot.

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