M. Andrews (TE) or C. Davis (WR)?

I am in a 12-Team standard scoring keeper league (6 keepers max), but we can only keep the player for 3 additional years (after drafting them). In addition, the TE position is NOT required, as we have one WR/TE spot.
With that in mind, do I keep M. Andrews in the 16th or C. Davis in the 18th?
Note: I already have 3 RB’s and 2 WR’s that I am keeping.

Davis all day. Since Andrews can only play in your flex position, and Davis is the Jets’ WR1, this one answers itself. Always take the alpha receiver. Alphas always have a nice target floor. Plus the Jets do look a lot better than last year.

Aside from that, Andrews is on a team that lives and dies by the run. While he did ok last year, that may be his ceiling. In other words, Davis has more upside.

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