8 yr-old 5MLB and 10 Milb Keeper league needs 2 new Mgrs

Head-to-Head Points with 5 Keepers, 8 Years and Running, Great Core Group of Active Managers, Fantrax: every period is one half of a week, every period you will compete against 4 teams - supper cool format!!

8 Year Old H-T-H Points with 6 team playoffs, 5 MLB Keepers & 10 Minors Keepers. Great Draft every year that actually means something! Have had 6 different teams win over our 8 years - every team has a chance to win with a good draft and up & coming minor leaguers. Paid League - $56 per year, 16 teams, 1st place gets $500. We are looking for 1-2 active mangers, and will boot deadbeats. Please let me know if you would like open team rosters and more detailed info on rules. Come join our top teams who have been around from the start. Top few players from each available team = Team 1: Judge, C Seager, Michael Harris, Bieber;;; Team 2: M Olson, Lindor, Semien, Cease, Darvish, Bart;;;; Team 3: Alonso, Bellinger, India, Rendon, Yellich, T Story, Severino . . . send emails to fwr@seoLegal.com;; please tell us a little about your fantasy history, energy, what you are looking for, etc.