Looking for Owners in Long-Running 30 Team League

I’m looking for a few owners for a 30 team league that’s entering its 13th season. It’s a dynasty league that’s carried over rosters since the original draft. I have teams that are average to good and a couple of low end, rebuild situations. I’d be happy to share the rosters with anyone interested and it’ll be first come, first served.

We have 30 teams with 26 man rosters, plus 4 additional minor league spots. Drafted players are added through waivers and we also do a round of waivers prior to the season, which captures new players like international free agents. Each week is a head to head matchup of 20 categories, some basic (i.e. Batting average, SB-CS) and some unique combinations that our original commissioner put together [i.e. VAUGHN: (Walks + Balks + Hit Batters + Wild Pitches) / INN; DANG: (Strikeout + Left on Base + Double Plays) / AB].

Our league fee is just $5/year, which pays for the cost of hosting the league on CBSSports. I’ll cover any new owners for their first year so that people have time to get used to the league before they have to pay.

I’m happy to answer any questions or provide more information to anyone who’s interested.

Hey there Jmoss…interested in the league. Its my first dynasty/keeper but been wanting to find a long running group to join…not against a rebuild but would like some info on draft, rules, and available rosters.
thanks for posting!!

This is More Cowbell (names can be changed, of course). It was the last team in the playoffs last year.

This is Ham Fighters, which finished 17th out of the 30 Teams.

This is Springfield Isotopes. It finished with the 9th worst record last season.

This is a dynasty league that had one draft its original season. Each year the newly drafted players and international free agents are added to the player pool through waivers. So your waiver position when the new guys come in is the closest thing we have to a draft.

Here’s a little write up I’ve sent to new owners in the past. If you have any other questions, let me know.

The league is a dynasty format, so you keep your players each season with no salaries or other penalties like that. New players enter the system through waivers, so your waiver position is almost like a draft pick following the MLB draft and/or offseason free agent signings. There’s a $5 league fee each season, which just covers the cost of the league; therefore, there’s no prize other than the pride of building a winning team. I have a practice of waiving the entry fee for new members so they can get their feet wet before they have to pay anything for it. We do Head to Head matchups each week with 20 scoring categories (10 hitting/10 pitching), featuring some normal stats and a handful of unique categories like ROLLIE [Saves (4 pts) + Holds (2 pts) + Relief Wins (2 pts) - Blown Saves (4 pts) - Relief Losses (2 pts) - Inherited Runners Scored (1 pt)], MADDUX [PC / INN], VAUGHN [(Walks + Balks + Hit Batters + Wild Pitches) / INN] and others. We have 26 man rosters + 4 minor league spots. Lineups are C-1B-2B-3B-SS-LF-CF-RF-U and SP-SP-RP-RP-RP.

Your waiver position is the closest thing we have to a draft. New players enter CBS’s system through waivers, so your position there is how you can claim them. The way we do it is: After the season ends, the waiver order is set in reverse order of the standings. Add/drops are frozen during the offseason (trades can still be made), so when we start the new year (March 1 this year), all available players are set to waivers. The offseason order can be important depending on how many international free agents are added (like Ohtani this year) or if CBS adds any other young players that might be interesting. So, once I open up add/drops, you’ll be able to put in claims on all of the free agents that might interest you, and then they’ll all be dispersed through waivers. At the start of the season, we reset the waiver order back to the reverse of the standings. Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to make claims during the season and drop down to the bottom of the order. There usually aren’t a lot of big players on waivers during the season, so it doesn’t come up too much. However, once the MLB does the draft and players start to sign, as well as some July 2 international signings, CBS starts putting the bigger name players (1st round picks at the very least) into the system through waivers. Unless there’s a free agent on waivers that you really want, you’ll want to keep your spot as high as possible until the draft kids start entering the system so that you can put claims on the top players. You can also move up or down the waiver order as part of trades. And you can delay the waiver swap to a future order (for example, in August, you could trade offseason waiver spots with someone who you think will be higher than you).