London or Wilson?

Honest dynasty question: Who would you rather have, Drake London or Garrett Wilson?

According to the Fantasy Pros rankings, London is worth 54 and Wilson is worth 49. In superflex, that isn’t even a 4th round pick worth of difference.

I have to lean towards Wilson, if only because the Jets don’t seem to be afraid to pass. Obviously, in redraft, Wilson is superior. But what are your thoughts for future years?

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Both are great talents, and both share the same unknown:

How good will the QB be who throws them the rock next year?

As for London, that should be a QB yet to be determined. As for Wilson, that QB will likely be named Wilson. And then the key question is if Zach Wilson can take a similar step forward as Jalen Hurts and Justin Fields did this year.

While I wouldn’t bet on it, I wouldn’t write him off just yet. And Garrett seems to be his favorite target.

I’d slightly lean towards Wilson myself, but the gap between him and London is very small, indeed.

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I favor London as I see a top rookie QB in his future over the Wilson to Wilson connection which has not impressed.

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The problem with betting on a rookie QB is that for every Justin Herbert, there’s also a Jamarcus Russell. Few QB’s enter the league and become great starters in their rookie year.

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