Need Lineup help! The Zach's are killing me this week!

Full PPR format and I need a WR and a flex option. Zach Wilson sucks and may plummet G Wilson’s value and Zac Taylor convinced me to play 1 snap Higgins last week and I barely won. Obviously playoffs are Must Win so I could really use help and reasoning why.

  • Garrett Wilson
  • Tee 1 Snap Higgins(I hate you Zac Taylor)
  • McKinnon
  • Mostert
  • London

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I would take Higgins but no one else.

Unfortunately I need to pick 2 as I need a WR and a Flex this week. I’m really in a shit spot this week unfortunately and waiver options include McKenzie, Duvernay, L Murray, Diontae, Boyd and Gallup

I would take Gallop before the others. NOT saying he is a great choice, just better than your others IMO.

Mostert could be a sneaky start this week, if Jeff Wilson is out. Miami won’t be able to pass a lot with their crippled o-line. Plus, there could be snow in Buffalo. Both could create plenty of opportunities for Mostert, though the o-line woes would affect him, too.

To me, London is the hands-down no brainer start in that bunch. All the word out of Atlanta is highly enthusiastic about Desmond Ridder at QB, and London is the obvious beneficiary of any improvement to the passing game (Mariota was garbage).

I was kind of torn on the next choice, so I had to vote for both McKinnon and Mostert. McKinnon probably has the safest floor of the two, but Mostert is a sneaky upside option with both an injured Jeff Wilson and a Buffalo snow game.

I’m not touching Garrett Wilson for two reasons: First is Zach Wilson, and second is Detroit. A lot of Detroit’s bad defensive performances have evaporated in recent weeks, so assuming they are a weak defense is no longer accurate.

Tee Higgins is out of the question, as Cincinnati has a long history of playing games with injury reports. The telling quote: “Higgins talked to reporters and said he felt “good, great, amazing, awesome, terrific, wonderful,” on Friday.” In poker, this is called a “tell”. I’m not buying it.