Kyler Murray issues?

Kyler Murray owners, beware: Kyler Murray unfollows Cardinals on social media - ProFootballTalk

It may (or may not) be worth noting that among the very few photos that remained on his Instagram account are 2 showing him on Pro Bowl day with Green Bay Packers staff.

I am just not picturing Murray on the Packers. Maybe I have a limited imagination?

I wouldn’t rejoice over the decision. But if Rodgers already told the Packers that he will move on, and they do not believe in Jordan Love (rumour from the grapevines is they don’t), then they will have to do something.

Maybe the Cardinals are interested in Jordan Love. He’s got a cannon for an arm, which would certainly suit Kingsbury’s play style. So if the Cards would accept Love plus 1-2 picks for Murray, this could be the cheapest option the Packers have.

But the more likely explanation for Kyler’s public withdrawal of love: he’s still playing on his rookie contract. The man wants to get paid, and he wants the contract to be big.

Whereas the Cardinals may be hesitant to sign the marriage agreement, due to Murray’s apparent lack in leadership, which should make them wonder if they can ever win a title with Murray.

Kyler’s contract runs out after the 2022 season, but the Cards have a 5th year option, so they are in no rush.

But Kyler’s contract also has an interesting clause: he can leave any time if he inks a contract with an MLB team.

So maybe his gamble is: “Pay me big, or I’ll continue my career in baseball.”

And that is indeed an extremely valuable joker in contract negotiations. Because if he leaves the Cardinals without any compensation whatsoever, it would be a huge blow for the franchise.

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Honestly, I think the Cards would sign him first.

If he decided for himself that he’d rather play baseball, then there will be little the Cards can do.

But my guess is that he’s indeed gambling for a big new contract. And if the Cards offer one, he will sign it.

If the Cards should offer one is a different question, though. I have always been a Murray believer, and in his first 2 years, he showed strong signs of development.

Not this season, though. They had to cut back on his designed runs to keep him healthy (which still didn’t fully work out). He is a good passer, but not an outstanding one. And there are legitimate questions about his leadership abilities.

Can the Cards get a better QB on short notice? No. But should they pay big money to tie themselves to a QB who may never win them a title?

A difficult call to make.

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The Cards are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they don’t re-sign Murray, they look stupid.

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