Aaron Rodgers out, Kyler Murray questionable, pick up Taysom Hill? who to drop

Covid strikes again, ugh! I have Aaron Rodgers/ Kyler Murray as QB and superflex QBs, Trevor Lawrence on the bench… With Rodgers out for Covid, and Kyler Murray questionable, thinking about picking up another QB just in case it goes south and both are out.

Taysom Hill is the most promising QB available, IF he plays. I was glad to see he was at practice but it’s not a guarantee.

Options to drop::
Miles Sanders since I already have good RBs that are healthy plus Kareem Hunt (please come back soon!)
Dawson Knox- already have Dallas Goedert

any help is appreciated

What about Jordan Love? He could “Wally Pipp” Rodgers. Also, I don’t know who’s available in your league, but what about Mike White or Geno Smith?

Sanders is an easy drop, since he’s on IR (assuming you don’t have IR spots in your league).

thanks AGAIN! I really do have a hard time letting go, lol. I think I’m going to grab Taysom Hill and Jordan Love since both are available, Taysom Hill in place of Trevor Lawrence for long term backup. I can always drop Love after this week and pick up another RB in place of Miles Sanders if I have to.

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