Kupp for Taylor

10- Team non-PPR League with my team being

Qb: Josh Allen
RB: Jonathan Taylor, Dameon Pierce, Breece Hall, Kenneth Walker
Wr: Davante Adams, Chris Olave, Christian Kirk, Juju Smith Schuster
Te: Mark Andrews

I am currently in 4th place with 6 Teams having a 3-3 record.

Got offered to trade Jonathan Taylor and Christian Kirk for Cooper Kupp.
Another option would be Taylor and Olave for Kupp and Geno Smith who would be a good backup qb this week with Allen having bye.

The problem is I face this team this week and I could not use Kupp against him.

What are your thoughts?

Risky, for both sides. We don’t know what JT will look like once he returns. And we don’t know how much longer Kupp’s body can sustain that insane volume. Empirical evidence suggests he is an injury waiting to happen. If I had Kupp, I’d also try to trade him right now, for the same reason I am trying to trade Austin Ekeler away.

I don’t think there is a definite ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ here. If Kupp stays healthy, this trade could work out for you. And with Kupp added to your WR room, you can afford to lose Kirk or Olave.

Geno Smith is solid backup, I’m using him to replace Josh Allen this week myself. There’s probably no better option available on the waiver wire.

If you feel comfortable with this trade, you can consider it. If you don’t trust Kupp’s body to withstand 2 ultra high usage seasons in a row, then don’t do it.

Wouldnt the same apply to Taylor, who already is injured?

Also im thinking about the matchup this week.
If I so the trade i would have to play Barkley, mccaffrey and Taylor and would weaken my Team by going from Taylor to Walker and Olave to Kirk. Qb would be a slight upgrade from Carr to Geno. But going to 3-4 could also be risky.

True, hence my…

During the first 3 weeks, when JT was healthy, the head-to-head comparison was:

Yards: Kupp’s 192 vs JT’s 329
TDs: Kupp’s 4 vs JT’s 1

Total: Kupp’s 43,2 vs 38.9 standard points.

JT’s performance was boosted by his massive 175 yd week 1, while Kupp’s production looks a lot more steady.

Going by that small sample size, I’d say the average production you can expect from Kupp in a given week is bigger than JT’s. As long as both are healthy.

As for this week, sure, it’s a downgrade.

No matter how you twist and turn it: it’s a can-do trade, not a must-do one. If it is a good one, only time can tell. If JT keeps struggling and checks in behind your other RBs, while Kupp keeps playing football from another planet, then you should have accepted it. If JT returns to his 2021 form, while Kupp eventually gets injured, then you should have rejected it.

Based on what we know today, there’s nothing wrong with accepting it, nor is there anything wrong with rejecting it.

Why wouldn’t you be able to use Kupp against him?