Keeper/Dyno Stashes for '22

Feels like it’s about time to start this discussion – curious to see who you guys are targeting?

My initial list:

  • Ke’Shawn Vaughn; Arians liked him when drafted, fits their scheme, all 3 RBs ahead of him are FAs)
  • Scottie Phillips: similar situation, lots of trash above him, staff seems to like him, should be very cheap for HOU to retain
  • DeErnest Johnson: young FA that popped with opportunity. I could see him being the one pseudo-splashy signing in FA
  • Tyler Johnson; Godwin and AB both FAs, was a high-level prospect coming out who fell in the draft, has performed well in his limited opportunities
  • Mike Strachan: free gamble on a massive athlete who looked good in pre-season; Hilton likely gone and Parris can’t stay healthy.
  • Joshua Palmer: high draft-cap, Williams a FA
  • DPJ: OBJ and Higgins likely both gone; has flashed when given consistent targets, big-time athlete
  • Auden Tate: FREE THE MAN!!!
  • Njoku: FA that could look to go somewhere where he’ll be able to showcase that athleticism that we all love him for…
  • Donald Parham: Cook is ancient and a FA, basketball converts = high ceiling
  • A slew of young TEs with potential opportunity: Kmet, Freiermuth, Josiah Deguara, Hunter Long, Harrison Bryant
  • DEEP SLEEPER IF YOU CAN HOLD HIM LONG ENOUGH: Jodi Fortson – young athletic TE/WR that Mahomes has already shown trust in. Kelce getting up there in years…

Who else you got???

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Demetric Felton: If Johnson can fill in for Chubb, Felton is the perfect replacement for Kareem Hunt. Felton is a speedy little jitterbug, who can also fill in at WR. Felton is a winner regardless of how the Browns decide to use him.

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And here I thought I was looking at deep stashes…

Vaughn - I don’t know, man. Rookie RBs are either good right out of the gate, or never. Neither Fournette nor Jones are particularly great NFL RBs. Vaughn obviously doesn’t have the potential to challenge either one of them. What are the actual chances they will really let all other RBs go and hand him the keys to the backfield next year? I’d say: slim to none.

D’Ernest Johnson sounds better to me. Whenever his number was called, he performed. And he’s in a run-heavy team. If I had him, I’d hang on to him. I would also stash Demetric Felton, though. He’s a pass catching back, which means he could take a little longer to develop, but could see more action soon.

DPJ and Josh Palmer are stashes I agree with. I have Palmer sitting in my Taxi Squad, and definitely intend to carry him over to next year.

On TE, Freiermuth left the sleeper status behind him already. If you have a chance to get him, do it. I drafted him in all my dynasty leagues, as I knew people would sleep on him, with all the (justified) hype around Pitts. I knew Freiermuth would become a great TE whom you could start every week. I had not expected it to happen in his rookie year already.

My favorite stashes:

Kellen Mond, at least in 2 QB leagues. Will he become Cousins’ successor next year? I don’t know, but the chance is there. He’s worth a stash.
If Jordan Love is available in your league, get him now. He’ll start Sunday, so right now may be the last chance to acquire him for cheap or free.

Demetric Felton, as mentioned above. Yes, he is a gadget player. But so is Cordarrelle Patterson.
Chris Evans. Mixon isn’t getting any younger, and we know what that means for heavily utilized RBs. Perine will be around for another year, but Evans could usurp him next year.
Kene Nwangwu. Now here is a dart throw. But that guy is freakishly fast, look at his tape. He has some draft capital to his name, and will start contributing to special teams this week, after coming off an injury. Cook is ageing, Mattison isn’t great, and if Nwangwu can develop the vision to perform against NFL defenses, he could be huge.
Speaking about vision: Jermar Jefferson made his first NFL appearance last weekend. It resulted in a 2/6/1 rushing and 4/4/23/0 passing stat line. I went back to my draft notes and found: “Vision is his No. 1 trait, which is something you can’t teach. Good hands.” While I have to admit I have little other intel on him, I decided to stash him in one of my leagues.

Amari Rodgers. Don’t let his non-existent usage fool you. The Packers will never utilize rookie WRs. Look at Davante Adams’ 2014 stats. Yes, they were better than Rodgers’, but they didn’t exactly scream “future super star”, either. Stash Rodgers now, as I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets more involved this week, with Jordan Love throwing him the rock, as I would expect the two of them having spent a lot of time together in practice.
Van Jefferson. D-Jax is gone, and Jefferson is enroute to usurp Robert Woods already. The Rams have a high-volume passing offense, and if you want a part of it, Jefferson is your man. See if you can still get him cheap.
Edit: how could I forget Gabriel Davis? I had expected a breakout this year already, and it may still come. Even if not, Sanders and Beasley will be gone next year. The Bills are one of the top passing offenses. Davis is highly talented. What other arguments do we need?

Tommy Tremble looks good in his rookie season already. TEs usually need some time to adjust to the NFL level, but Tremble has almost no competition. He’s a good stash.
Dan Arnold. The Jags heavily utilize the TE position, and volume is king. A TE who scores an average 6.5 half PPR points without having seen the end zone even once so far? Gimme!

Jermar Jefferson is another one who intrigues me. He has good size for an NFL back, at 5’10" 217 pounds. So I added him to my dynasty league. He filled in for Jamaal Williams, which tells me what the coaching staff sees in him.

I will confess, I don’t spend a lot of time stashing WR’s. If I don’t draft one, I can always pick up one cheaply, even in my deep league (16 teams, 3 starting WR’s, plus 2 flex positions AND a superflex). My two bench WR’s are Felton and Tyler Johnson (nod to @glazeduck on that call). Johnson I added as a last minute desperation pickup last week, and he worked out well for me.

I’m not sure how deep a sleeper he is, but TE Foster Moreau is available in most leagues, and I can tell you as a Raider fan, I didn’t worry when I heard Darren Waller was going to miss a game. Moreau is a beast in the red zone, with big sweet hands and fair speed for a TE. If Waller ever has a serious injury, Moreau can step in and perform, as he showed against Philly in week 7 with a 6-6-60-1 statline, good for 4th best among TE’s that week. Yes, Moreau can be an elite TE now. And yes, I have him stashed already.

Also, as I said on another post, the train is leaving the station on WR Zay Jones. With Ruggs gone, Zay gets his big shot. He’s shown big play ability, with his 43 yard TD back in week 1 against the Ravens. But can he be consistent? I can tell you I used $11 FAAB on him this week and got him, beating out two other bids.

I’m still holding back on Zay Jones, until I know the landing spot for DeSean Jackson.
Same for Tajae Sharpe of the Falcons.

Speaking of D-Jax, I was surprised that there was no statement yesterday on whether or not he cleared waivers. How long does that take in the NFL?

I think teams have a few days to respond to waivers. Not sure the exact time frame.

The usual waiver period is 24 hours. I don’t know if this is one of the exceptions, though. Usually, D-Jax would not even have to clear waivers, as he is a “vested veteran”. However, if they are cut after the trade deadline, they have to clear waivers as well.

I’m surprised that there have been no news at all about him in the last 48 hours.

Edit: I just read on Sports Illustrated that he has cleared waivers and is now officially a free agent.

Edit 2: yeah, NFL confirmed that less than an hour ago. Guess we will learn still tonight where he will sign up.

It may take awhile for him to sign with another team.

The Raiders should be pretty keen on signing him. However, they were obviously not ready to pick up his old $2.75m contract. It all depends now on how much teams still want to spend on him, and how much he (and his management) think he’s still worth at age 34.

As I see it, the Raiders and the Falcons are the only teams that would make him fantasy relevant once more.

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