Keeper/Dynasty Player Ranks

For something different here is the Keeper/Dynasty rankings from our front page.
It is a good read to see the difference in player values when able to hold on to them longer than just this year.

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Our league is a hybrid keeper league where managers can keep 8 players off this year’s roster for next season. I focused on building a young team more than in the past, passing on proven older players in the draft and trades.

My 2nd TE Ertz is 31 and my handcuff RBs in Wilson and Williams are 27 but will son be gone. No other player on my roster is over 25 and have not yet hit their prime.

I do want to win now with being in great shape for the future and am more lucky than good in my 3-1 start. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of this season unfolds and if youth was a good way to go. I have 3 of the top 12 ranked players in AJ Brown, Swift and Lamb.

I was asked to explain the difference in trade with a keeper league vs redraft,

When you keep a player next season you lose the draft pick you spent this year, simple enough. This can be good or bad as the following years draft will have all of the leagues keepers gone. Mistakes are costly.

For example, I traded my #1 pick in Mixon, meaning I have my #1 back for next year. However, there will be up to 80 keepers from the 10 teams deleted before I make my pick. Quite a difference.

FantasyPros dynasty rankings is my bible when considering all dynasty trades. I refer to the updated version religiously.

@SoBe717 since you want to discuss potential early plans for next year’s keeper draft, here’s what I have (each round shown):

  1. Dalvin Cook: Probably let him go. I can likely get a better rookie with my first rounder. :-1:
  2. Davante Adams: Hard to say at this point. If he finishes the season on a strong note, I might keep him another year. A 2nd round pick for an elite WR is not a high price to pay. :pinching_hand:
  3. Kyle Pitts: If he finishes the season like he has played so far, I might have to cut him, unless the Falcons can show either Desmond Ridder is their qb of the future or they draft another rookie qb. :pinching_hand:
  4. Breece Hall: Say bye bye 4th round pick! Breece has been what I expected. :+1:
  5. AJ Dillon: This has been kind of a hit and miss pick. Wait and see. :pinching_hand:
  6. Jalen Hurts: Say bye bye 6th round pick! Hurts is easily one of the top 3 qb’s in fantasy football. A 6th round pick for that kind of production is a steal. :+1:
  7. Rhamondre Stevenson: A pretty fair deal for a decent backup fantasy rb. :+1:
  8. Younghoe Koo: No, I’m not spending an 8th rounder on a kicker. While I like Koo, this was auto-picked. :-1:
  9. Raiders DST: No, I’m not spending a 9th rounder on a DST. Another auto-pick. :-1:
  10. Jerry Jeudy: This is a tough call. Jeudy is a solid talent for a 10th round pick. We’ll see how he finishes the season, because Russell Wilson is starting to look like a bust. :pinching_hand:
  11. Derek Carr: Probably being kept, unless I use up my picks elsewhere. :+1:
  12. Zamir White: If the Raiders part ways with Josh Jacobs after this season, White is the likely heir. This would be a steal. :+1:
  13. George Pickens: Already cut, so I will get this one back. :-1:
  14. Garrett Wilson: A steal. :+1:
  15. Isaiah Likely: I have to see what the Ravens te situation looks like at the end of this season. If he’s still playing behind a firmly entrenched Mark Andrews, I may have to let him go. On the other hand, if I let Pitts go, I might keep Likely anyway. :pinching_hand:

My free agent acquisitions, Curtis Samuel and Mack Hollins, will likely not be kept.

That totals 6 likely keepers, 5 maybes, and 4 no ways. If I had to choose two of the maybes today, it would probably be Davante Adams and AJ Dillon.

Obviously, how the players perform for the rest of the season can change this landscape, as well as any serious injuries.

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Ed, I did not even realize they had a Keeper/Dynasty ranking as I never checked out all options available, just dealt with my main focus.

I put up the thread after getting a few messages from posters asking about keepers and the differences from redraft. It was not my intent to go into next year but the two are intermingled. I will put up my picks as well,

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My keepers as of now would be between:

C D Lamb- 2nd, age 23
Deandre Swift- 2nd, age 23
AJ Brown- 3, age 25
Etienne- 4, age 23
Herbert- 5, age 24
Mitchell- 9, age 24
Akers- 9, age 23
Kirk- 11, age 25
London- 11, age 21
Jameson Williams- undrafted. age 21

I get my #1 pick back

By keeper rules when you have 2 players drafted in the same round you lose the next available draft pick for the 2nd player. So Swift will cost me a 6th, Mitchell a 10th and Kirk a 12th. I will have picks 1, 7 and 8 as things stand.

The top 5 and London are locks. The next two are wait and see.

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I have a league meeting shortly after the season, while all is still fresh in everyone’s mind, to go over problems and plans.

I have been kicking around the idea of having a separate 2 round rookie draft, a bit like dynasty. This with picking keepers, draft and trades of picks will keep managers busy the off season,

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