Keep him stashed or nah!

I usually keep him stashed for insurance, or with the previous history of Cook being hurt, I cuff Mattison. Do you think its still worth keeping him stashed?

What are your thoughts?

10 Team league. Full PPR, home draft/redraft.

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Depends on what your other options are.

I would drop Mattison for Christian McCaffrey, but I would keep him over Phillip Lindsay.

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If you have Cook, you have to have Mattison. Sorry.

I don’t have Cook. I cuffed him for an upside trade, in case cook got hurt someone would want mattison if I didnt need him then I could maybe get a good deal.

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Your reason for acquiring him was sound. Cook is injury prone, and Mattison will see playing time.

If you need the space for another player/position, go for it, but remember you risk losing Mattison.

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If you have no one better to add, you keep him. If you can pick up a better player to help your team you drop him

For me keeping a player for a possible future trade IF another gets injured and IF that owner want to deal is silly.