Mattison for Ty'Son Williams in PPR?

Was offered Ty’Son Williams for Mattison by the Cook owner. We know with a healthy Cook, Mattison has little value, but if Cook is hurt down the stretch he could be a league winner. As for Ty’Son, is there any reason to believe he can be trusted in their 3 headed backfield?

12 team PPR (I’m 2-1) - RBs are Gibson, Montgomery, Gaskin, Gainwell and Mattison. Also, I just completed a trade with the same owner in which I gave him Zach Moss for Woods.

Make the trade? Thanks in advance for comments.

Just checking to see if anyone who’s reads this has an opinion…

I am still not sold on Mattison as a viable handcuff. He has too many games where he disappears in relief roles.

Williams is not perfect either, but since it’s the Cook owner trying to trade for him…time to bump up the price! Find something else on his roster that you’d rather have. Remember, you are trading him something he needs more than you. Jack up the price!