Just drafted Breece Hall - projections?

Just drafted Breece Hall in 5th round. What would you expect out of him this year? Is 900 rushing yards a safe bet?

You say nothing of your league to have an opinion. Keeper, redraft, dynasty, PPR. etc?

Redraft 10 team league thanks!

Redraft gives you a deal vs a steal. :sunglasses:

Not sure how the league type matters to how many yards Breece Hall will have.

There is no “safe bet” when it comes to a player coming back from ACL surgery. Apparently he’s not 100% now, or the Jets wouldn’t have thrown $8 mil at Dalvin Cook.

He may continue to improve, and be back to dominating the backfield like his old self by December, or he might have nagging problems through the year, like Dobbins last year.

If he was a safe bet, you wouldn’t have gotten him in the 5th round.

No, and it’s the wrong question to begin with.

900 yards won’t help you at all if it means he remains limited all season, and will not put more than 60 yards in any given week.

900 yards can be great if he misses a few weeks at the beginning of the season, but then starts putting up 100+ yard games as the fantasy season turns hot.

With that being said - while Hall isn’t a safe bet this year, drafting him in the 5th round should give you proper value for your money.

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