Just did my BB draft with FP- what a useless joke

Absolutely useless draft assistance from FP- consistently telling me that players on IL (Castillo, DeGrom) were consensus choices starting at round 6. And I should draft Conforto starting at round 12 when is isnt in the f**cking game. What a piece of crap you offered.

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I was not happy with my draft assistant either. I don’t think it was specific to my scoring format either. Do you know if it gives guidance based on the scoring format of the league? Mine kept having me reach for Springer, Robert and Chrisitian Kirk.

Mine wouldn’t sync with my league draft…even after my draft it wont import my team

Not real thrilled either. Strasburg was the one it kept telling me to pick. Also we have a hybrid league with a few AL teams added to our NL teams and it doesn’t support that. Will see how helpful the in season tools are before making my final judgement.