Draft assistant lagging

can barely get draft assistant to work. anyone else? another year with overloaded servers…

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Same here. Can’t get the assistant to load.

Terrible during the last night of drafts. refund please


yup. ponied up just for this and it’s all for nothing.

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This is a bunch of s*&t. Draft starts in 4 minutes and the only reason I have Fantasy Pros if for the assistant. YOU HAD ONE JOB!

This is ridiculous. Same thing here. I paid for this just for the draft assistant and it goes out in the middle of my draft. I would have been better off if I had never signed up, since I was trying to get it working in between picks by deleting my league, refreshing etc, and then I wasn’t ready when my pick came around again. Still not working and my draft is over now. A refund seems in order…

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See? Y’all are smarter already…

My draft is tomorrow, and just upgraded to mock with keepers selected and cant do anything with it, hopefully it gets cleared up or it will have been a waste of money

two drafts tonight and F’N crapped out

crapped out…REFUND PLEASE

3 drafts in 10 days. 2 of them ruined because of the crap “Wizard” assistant.

legit railroaded my whole draft.

i had the same issues after 4th round of a 15 rounds draft had to wing it with paper print outs …wasnt happy and i paid for the assistants …oh well