Jeff Wilson/T Allgeier for James Conner?

10 team 3wr/2rb/2fl 0.5ppr redraft

Trade away Jeff Wilson + Tyler Allgeier for James Conner?

Thanks so much.

My Team:
QB: K Murray
RB: Swift, Cook, Dillon, B Robinson (IR), J Robinson, Jeff Wilson, T Allgeirer, M Boone
WR: Kupp, Adams, Hopkins, DJ Moore, M Thomas, K Allen, R Doubs, J Williams (IR)
TE: Kittle

I would hold em. Wlson is doing very well and will cover until Mitchell comes back for SF is a month,and you get Swift back in a couple of weeks with B Robinson this week or the next. Also get to see Allgierer and if he is for real.

Why give that up for 1 guy not playing well?

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ABSOLUTELY do that deal!

Allgeier is like a one-week stopgap until Damien Williams is back, and RBs revolve through the 49ers backfield like chickens at a rotisserie.

That is tough I don’t see Allgeier doing a whole lot so I’d look at it as Wilson for Conner and I’d lean toward Wilson, but I have no idea about ARZ schedule. I’d think MIA is gonna keep rolling.