J. Meyers or T. Etienne in the Flex week 7 - PPR

After reading the WR vs. CB matchup I’m starting to question playing J. Meyers this week. Etienne and Allgeier are my other available options.

As a long-term Meyers owner, I wouldn’t be too concerned here. Meyers is great in contested catches, and has a high football IQ, which allows him to get open where other WRs couldn’t.

Still, there’s no denying that the Bears aren’t a good matchup for any WR, while Etienne has a great matchup against the Giants. Etienne may be ahead this week, though I still don’t expect the difference to be huge. Both players profile pretty similarly - a very safe floor, but limited upside.

Allgeier is definitely not an option, though. The Bengals are for opposing RBs what the Bears are for WRs. Allgeier has no floor and even less upside than Meyers or Etienne.

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Meyers for me amongst these options…although I see this as running game matchup. So, maybe we need to temper expectations…


Indeed. The Bears have no passing game. Their passing stats are abysmal, so they always have to rely on their run game. But the Pats are the best run defense in the NFL. So there is a chance the Pats will lead all throughout the game and lean towards the run themselves. Plus, it will be a rather low-scoring game.

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