C. Kirk/Chubbard for J. Meyers

My J. Meyers for his Kirk/Chubbard. It seems like a really good deal to get Kirk but am I missing something?

It’s not a bad deal, but also not a fanstastic one. Meyers and Kirk get the same amount of targets, but Meyers is more effective. 24/31 passes caught, compared to Kirk’s 25/44. Meyers racked up almost the same number of catches and yards in 4 games as Kirk did in 6.

Meyer’s biggest fantasy weakness is his lack of red zone targets. But he has been trending up recently, while Kirk looks like he’s trending down.

Disclaimer: I am one of Meyer’s biggest fans, so no hard feelings if you prefer to dismiss my opinion.

But I’d keep Meyers.

Are you trying for Chuba Hubbard when you say Chubbard–the new starting RB for the Panthers?

I would take that deal easily.

I traded for Kirk and he has done little so far. However, I saw that coming with match ups but, look at what he has coming up and in the playoffs, Very Good.