Is this wrong/ cheating

I was offered a trade three weeks back .
Give away Dillon and get Higbee

The trade offer is still there on my page
He has not withdrawn it yet
Is it cheating or not ethically right if I just accept it
Do I need message and ask or i can accept it as its his responsibility to withdraw

Its a all friends league : idk what is right thing do . Dillon sucks and Pitts suck . So getting higbee now sounds good :wink:

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If an offer is on the table, it’s up to you whether or not to accept it.

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Business wise no problem whatsoever with being wrong, However, I would try to avoid any chance of creating animosity, especially in a friends league, by dropping a message before accepting. Just me.

This is the exact opposite way to go about trash talking.

First you accept the trade, hope he goes ballistic, and needle him about it for a few days.

Then offer to reverse the trade if he’s going to be such a crybaby about it.

Or you can do the nice thing, and in the future, stick closer to church-oriented social activities.

He clearly made a mistake by not setting a deadline to his trade offer. Ask him if the offer still stands. I’d do that even in a league of strangers.

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If it’s a friend league, don’t do it. It’s not cheating but it is a jerk move.