Intriguing Late(r) Round Rookies

Disclaimer: I have hardly watched any tape yet, so at this point, my interest in these rookies is mostly based on looking at depth charts.

Rashee Rice - WR, Kansas City Chiefs, Round 2 / Pick 55
His QB is Patrick Mahomes. There is no clear #1 WR on the Chiefs’ roster. And they picked him in round 2. Why don’t we hear more about Rice?

Nathaniel ‘Tank’ Dell - WR, Houston Texans, 3/69
The Texans could become a decent team in 1-2 years. They have no established WR room hierarchy. I see some potential for this 3rd round pick.

Kendre Miller - RB, New Orleans Saints, 3/71
Kamara’s days are counted. Jamaal Williams doesn’t profile as a long-term solution. Miller has a serious chance to establish himself here. From what I saw of him, he’s a well-rounded RB with good pass catching skills.

Jalin Hyatt - WR, New York Giants, 3/73
The Giants made no secret of being after a WR. They couldn’t get one of the top guys, so they picked Hyatt in round 3. He may not have been their preferred choice. But since the Giants have no clear WR1, Hyatt has a good chance to claim that role. He looks fast, has good hands and seems to know what to do in the red zone.

Josh Downs - WR, Indianapolis Colts, 3/79
I don’t think we will see a lot of Downs in his rookie season. But he could break out along with Anthony Richardson in 2024. Certainly one of the better WR stashes.

Tyjae Spears - RB, Tennessee Titans, 3/81
Derrick Henry’s days are counted. And I never saw Hassan Haskins as his potential successor. I’m not saying that Spears will be, but at least he has a chance.

Tre Tucker - WR, Las Vegas Raiders, 3/100
The Raiders have a crowded WR room, but none of them profiles as a long-term leader. Tucker could find himself in an intriguing situation in 2024, though we don’t know who his QB will be then.

Roschon Johnson - RB, Chicago Bears, 4/115
I usually stay away from 4th round (or later) RBs. And from RBs playing behind rushing QBs. Still, Johnson is not in the worst situation here, as the Bears have no clear RB1.

Jake Haener - QB, New Orleans Saints, 4/127
A good late round stash for SFLEX leagues. Carr probably won’t be around for too long, so there is at least some potential.

Stetson Bennett - QB, Los Angeles Rams, 4/128
This one is even more intriguing. The Rams have no one behind Matt Stafford, who has a scary recent injury history and could hang up the cleats any day. Bennett is a QB I’d definitely try to stash in SFLEX leagues.

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I took Tank in a recent mock draft. It’s not like he has a lot of competition in Houston.

Hyatt seems to be going early in drafts, since this is a weak WR class. I comp Hyatt to Tyler Lockett. He’s the kind of speed WR to have big games, and games he disappears.

Spears is a 3rd/4th round lottery ticket to me.

Tre is a special teamer at best. He won’t see enough playing time in the offense to matter. He’s too small.

The Bears have 2 RB’s ahead of Roschon. He won’t see much daylight.

The only problem here is Jameis Winston is still on the depth chart.

I like Bennett. If you watched UGA last season, Bennett is a solid, undersized QB. He’s not Bryce Young, but he’s not bad either. And he got a really good landing spot in LA.


Problem is, from what I read, the dude is tiny. Same size as me, 30 lbs less, and trust me, nobody would ever mistake me for an NFL player.

And Dell is even an inch smaller as Tre Tucker:

Just saying…

D’Onta Foreman, 27, who has never been able to establish himself as a starter, outside of injury backup scenarios.

And Khalil Herbert, who has shown flashes, but whom I would still call unproven to a point. And who only has 6th round draft capital to his name.

Without having seen any tape on Roschon yet, I would still not rule out that he can pass both of them on the depth chart. And at least the 2024 situation is still wide open.

Who has proven unable to fill the QB1 role earlier. But I prefer Bennett over Haener, no questions asked.

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Who is competing with Dell? John Metchie?

On the other hand, we have Davante Adams, Jakobi Meyers, and Hunter Renfrow competing with Tre Tucker. Tucker lost before he begins.

So the Raiders spent a 3rd on a player they don’t need at all?

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Unless they are trying to trade Renfrow, or they needed a kick returner.

I’m going to chime in here with my sleeper from before in 5th rounder Chase Brown in Zona. I see a fair shot in taking over for Mixon or getting half the carries.
Guys in dynasty tell me he is a 2nd- 3rd rounder.

Brown finds himself in a very favorable situation. I stopped chasing day 3 RBs, as they very rarely make it in the NFL. But as a mid 3rd round dynasty stash, I’m okay with Brown.

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