How do you watch fantasy games

Are you someone who has to watch the games? Like sit and watch Najee Harris pluck away and eventually get 100 yards. Then get a TD with seconds left, he’s not even my player but my opponent, or are you the type that will open the app and deal with the shock of how well or horrible your team did?
I think I must be a masochist I have to watch and it unfold. The good, bad and absolutely horrific. Ex. Jefferson and his 2 pts

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I’m a masochist. When watching at home, I have FantasyPro’s “Match Day” open in one browser window, and my main leagues in another one.

My room also looks a little like the CNN war room. I usually have Red Zone on the big projector screen, one match on the TV and another one on the tablet.

And yes, I follow the live scoring all the time. Which is nuts, as I cannot do anything about it at that point anyway. But it’s part of the fun.

Sometimes, it’s brutal. Sometimes, it’s beautiful. Like last night, when I watched JJ getting shut out by my Packers on the live scoring page of the South Beach league, while seeing him going nuts on the big screen. My team winning a rivalry match and shutting out my opponent’s WR1 in the fantasy final - beautiful.

Or Austin Ekeler, who had told fantasy owners before the game not to worry, as he would take them to the championship, and then going off for a 72 yd TD run. It was only the #3 match for me, but I still won it thanks to this year’s #1 RB knowing what’s at stake for his fantasy owners.


It’s all fun and only for a small span of time, at least that’s what I tell my wife. Tonight I’ll be holed up in an office watching the game on the tv. Following points on my phone hoping I can get 38 pts from Allen. Higgens. And hurst. On paper it’s totally doable and shouldn’t be a problem. But then again Stidham should not have been able to do what he did yesterday. Adams and Waller destroyed me

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I have 2 TVs and 2 lap tops going. Say no more. :slight_smile:

That’s what she said. :smiling_imp:

(Sorry, man, that was just too tempting. :sweat_smile: )

Good luck for tonight. It’s a lot more relaxed for me. 2 of 3 matches are already won, and the championship match of the South Beach league, I have Allen going, and he has Burrow and Knox. Unless those 2 score 30 more than Allen, I’m good. Stranger upsets have happened, but I’m still relatively cool. Probably won’t even stay up, game kicks off at 2:15 am here.


Oh man that’s crazy. Do you live in Germany?
Are you an American ? I honestly don’t know how far the fantasy tentacles reach outside the US

Germany, and German.

I’m following the NFL for over 25 years already. And in recent years, football has grown huge here. It was no coincidence that the NFL held the first Munich game this year. They could have sold over 3 million tickets for that one. Over 800,000 people were in the online queue when the sales started.

3 years ago, I flew to Seattle, along with 2 friends, to watch a regular season game of the Seahawks vs. the Ravens. The flight from Amsterdam to Seattle was full with German and European football fans. Half of the passengers wore Seahawks or Ravens gear. That really blew our minds, as it was just a regular season game, and only one of many flights.

Funny detail: at Amsterdam airport, my buddy who wore Seahawks gear was targeted by security for a random extra patdown and carry-on inspection. When my other buddy (Cardinals gear) and me (Packers gear) asked if we were to be checked as well, the security guard said: “No, you guys are fine. I just don’t like the Seahawks.” :sweat_smile:


Wow. Hahahaa. That’s fascinating. I never knew it was that popular in Germany.
I tried to put together bits and pieces of your team name and that you like the packers. I figured you were an American living in Hamburg that transplanted from Wisconsin.
I was wrong. Hahahaa

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Close enough. :sweat_smile:
German who is in the US quite often and also made a pilgrimage to Wisconsin already. Attending a winter game in Lambeau Field was high on my bucket list.

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